That’s right, fearless readers, Sod, and, more importantly, I have affected the ongoing presidential campaign. Sod is now on the map! We’ve made it to the big-time! Excuse me while I go procure a hotel room full of strippers and coke…

Whew, that was…slightly dated.

So, you might be asking yourself, how did the modest affect the presidential campaign? Did you send out a few SPAM e-mails for Ron Paul when you were supposed to be working on a post or something?

Well, maybe…but what we actually did is make Mitt Romney take back one of his many, many erroneous or just plain stupid statements. That’s right. We made the Mormon eat his words.

Remember a few weeks ago, the day after Mitt’s politics and religion speech in Texas, we- ahem, I wrote about Mitt’s statement that “freedom requires religion…”? No? Well, follow the link and read it now. Thank you. Well, turns out, just this morning, Mitt went on the venerable politcial talk show, Meet the Press, and said that he didn’t really mean what everyone thinks he did. He gingerly added a qualifier that what he really meant to say is that freedom requires morality. Then, thinking that he doesn’t want to completely piss-off his party’s conservative christian base, added that it was morality that actually required the religion. Crisis averted, Robot Romney marches on.

See, I take that turn of events to mean that we directly affected the Romney campaign. The only feasible explanation for Romney’s backtracking was that he reads Sodblog on a regular basis and knows that we speak for a large consituency of the American public. We’re the head of a valuable voting block. A large swath, if you will. Sure, you can probably think of other things that could have affected this decision, but we can’t. We see no other logical way for it to happen. Any other conclusion is just silly.

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