Sailor Jerry Wins the Spiced Rum Challenge

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My recent duties as the technical admin for SodBlog (and idol of millions) have turned me to the bottle, and my sauce of choice has long been spiced rum. So in an attempt to garner corporate sponsorship from an honest booze-peddling corporation, I am professing my love of Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum in what is to be my first blog post.

I’ve had a hankerin’ for Captain Morgan since the mid-nineties, and so I was quite surprised after a recent visit to my local spirit shop to find that there were a whole host of maritime-themed spiced rums out there.

Here’s the list (of what was in my local liquor store, and one I just made up):

  • Captain Morgan
  • Sailor Jerry
  • Admiral Nelson
  • Panama Jack
  • First Mate Barry
The Real Sailor Jerry

Having never heard of any of these magical flavors, I went with Sailor Jerry, mainly because it had a cool label (see image). Man, this stuff is great! I put it in the classic rum & coke configuration with fantasmic results… Eggnog & rum was a hit… it’s even smooth and refreshing on the rocks.

So… I no longer have a little captain in me, I have a tattooed sailor in me. That doesn’t have the same ring, but you get the idea.

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