BREAKING: This blog is shutting down to deal with the economy.

I didn’t want it to have to come to this, but it looks like I have no other choice.

My friends, I am shutting down this blog so that I may spend more time thinking about the economy.  Because the economy is very important to me right now, and the less time I spend thinking about it, the worse it will get. This is a risk I am not prepared to take, for the good of the country.

Here is a picture of me thinking. About the economy. I am a very passionate thinker.

In the spirit of bipartisanship, I call on Nate to suspend his blogging as well, and that together we delay our liveblog of the debates on Friday until another date, more than likely until the date they decide to have the debate on. Now is not the time for wasteful postings on blanket clothing and resemblances of presidential candidates with turtles. Now is a time for action. And by action, I mean thinking. About the economy.

I’d like to stay and discuss this, but there’s just no time. I need to be thinking right now. About the economy. You guys can do whatever you want to do, but me, I have thinking to do. Goodbye forever. Or until tomorrow. Whatever.

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