Are You F—ing Serious, Aberdeen, Washington?

Aberdeen, Washington is not a town you ever want to visit. Sure, it’s the birthplace of grunge icon Kurt Cobain and more than a few of you reading this just had that though scrawl through your head, “hey, I should go to Aberdeen, so I can see where Kurt was born.” No, no you should not. It’s a shitty town in a surprisingly drab part of an otherwise beautiful part of the state of Washington. It’s a backwater.

So, why am I even bringing this up? Because the only thing that Kurt Cobain fans would want to go see inside the city, a plaque in a city park dedicated to the memory of Kurt, has been censored.

Originally etched on the plaque was a quote from Cobain, “Drugs are bad for you. They will fuck you up.” Now the plaque reads, “Drugs are bad for you. They will f— up.” Apparently, the delicate sensibilities of the townsfolk are more important than driving the point home with authority that drugs really are bad for you, as spoken by someone who should know in language that kids will understand. All of this in a town that has a huge meth problem and, as I learned the hard way, a populace that sneers at the notion of a bookstore aside from the small section devoted to crap paperbacks and right-wing nut hardcovers at the local Walmart.

Those drags on society don’t bother the people of Aberdeen as much as one naughty curse word uttered by a their only famous native son, etched onto a plaque in a city park.

For that, the city of Aberdeen wins the inagural Sodblog “Are You Fucking Serious?” award for extreme stupidity. I mean, come on, Aberdeen, it’s just a fucking curse word. It’s just the fucking word fuck, you fucking fucks.

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